Abortion Is Morally And Scientifically Wrong Essay

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There has been a long existing debate of “Pro-Life” versus “Pro-Choice” about whether or not women should be able to abort a child. Many people being Pro-Choice will use the argument that the fetus isn 't a living person, and rather that it is the woman’s body; therefore the woman’s choice. There are other options women have such as adoption: waiting until the baby is born and providing the child a well-suited family to properly care for them. I believe any way you can avoid aborting a child is better than abortion because you give the child a chance for life. An unborn child in the womb contains all of the characteristics for it to be considered living, proving abortion is morally and scientifically wrong. To give some background information on the topic, the first major Supreme Court case dealing with abortion is very well known: Roe vs. Wade (1973). Before this case abortion and any laws abiding by it were illegal. After a close vote the supreme court ruled abortion under certain circumstances to be legal. Soon after this case the topic of abortion drew the country into opposing sides. Nearly a decade later the supreme court came close to overturning the case ruling because of countless heated debates and uprisings. There is both scientific and moral reasons why abortion is wrong. There is a lot of evidence pointing out that the unborn child meets all the requirements to be considered living. After just over a month into the pregnancy the unborn child has many things…

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