Essay on Abortion Is It Killing A Helpless Child

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Abortion, is it murdering a helpless child? Or is it stopping a bunch of cells from becoming an unwanted pregnancy? The current laws against abortion do not stop it; they simply make it less safe. Using the U.S. Declaration of Independence as a guide, the idea that each person has the “... right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”, most would argue that a fetus of any age should have this right (July 4, 1776). However, a fetus is not a human until it is born and can sustain life on its own. And those who argue that life begins at conception are wrong, otherwise the placental tissue that also forms at conception would be considered a new life and need protection as well. The concept of “right to life” does not mean that any person should be forced to give up their life or rights to continue someone else’s. This would negatively impact their individual rights. Plus, allowing the mother to have a safe termination and preventing her from being forced to continue a pregnancy that was a result of a tragic event like rape or incest, would be against their pursuit of happiness. This goes against what would be best for the common good. Thus, abortion should be allowed.
Abortion is a topic that is being discussed a lot in today 's society, and is normally considered a ‘taboo’ subject. However, it still needs to be discussed because it is an important issue that affects both men and women of all races. Unwanted pregnancy has been around for hundreds of years. When women…

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