Abortion Is A Very Heated Topic Essay

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Abortion is a very heated topic. Throughout the United States, abortion is heavily advocated against due to various moral and ethical reasons. Anti-abortion media portrayal is also not uncommon, nor is it hard to find. N.L Stotland, a researcher who has been published in Archives of Women’s Mental Health, has performed several studies on abortion and the views surrounding it. In one study, he wrote, “A woman who aborts a pregnancy is perceived as wantonly and selfishly sexual” (27). His quote basically sums up the general pro-life views on women who receive abortions, and the argument that most of them try to make. While the debate goes on, many people do not consider important factors that motivate many women to seek out an abortion. Studies show that in America, on average, 43 percent of women will have an abortion throughout their lifetime (Waldman, Ackerman, and Rubin 20). This could be caused from a variety of reasons. Women have many things to take into consideration when determining whether an abortion is the right thing for them or not. This includes physical and mental health. For example, if a woman has a chronic illness, becoming pregnant could mean death, and having an abortion may be the only option she has to save her own life. Another example is women that suffer from mental illnesses. Becoming pregnant could also mean a very negative outcome for these women, and could also put them at risk of death. Most pro-life advocates leave out details like these when…

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