Abortion Is A Serious Debate Essay

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Abortion is a serious debate in many states, but why are many politicians trying to prevent abortion from being legal in their state? Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. In the United States, it is legal to get an abortion up to the date of birth in a few states, but many women can attest to how difficult it is to actually get one, especially in the 42 states where late term abortion are illegal. A woman should not be forced to drive to another state or drive hundreds of miles to get an abortion due to the limited number of clinics and ridiculous state policies. Abortion needs to be much more readily available for women who want it and laws and regulations should be eased to allow more flexibility and availability.

The major debate on the topic of abortion is whether an unborn fetus is a person. People who advocate for Pro-life policies believe that a fetus is a person and should have the same rights as any other person. They believe that abortion is murder, because of the classifying of a fetus as a person. This controversy was one which was brought up in a supreme court case, known as Rowe vs. Wade. This case tackled the decision of whether an abortion should be legal, and to what extent. It was decided that abortion should be legal in all states, up until the third trimester, at which time it is under the state 's’ jurisdiction whether to allow it or not. This gave the woman the right to an abortion if she chooses. Many other court…

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