Abortion Is A Not An Easy Or Simple Topic Essay

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Abortion is a not an easy or simple topic. It’s divisive and people feel so strongly about it that it’s nearly impossible to find a middle ground. As a matter of fact, many people are so up in arms at the mere mention of the word abortion that you can imagine how difficult it is to have a constructive conversation without it ending in arguing. Most people tend to fall into one of two categories--pro-life or pro-choice. While this may be the case now, it wasn’t always this way. To understand how abortion came to be the argument-starter that it is today, we must first look back at our history.
The earliest known documented description of abortion was found in an ancient Egyptian text called the Ebers Papyrus. This text has records that date back as far as 3400 BC, where abortions are described as being induced by “plant/herb matter tampons.” These tampons included plants such as dates, silphium (extinct now), and pennyroyal. While the ancient Egyptians were the first to document such practices, other texts and records have also been found to show that abortions have been practiced all over the world since around the same time. Abortions continued to be commonly practiced throughout the centuries, and in many cultures, including even the earliest days of the United States.
When the framers of the constitution set foot in North America, abortions were as commonly practiced as child birth its self. This may seem surprising, seeing as many settlers were considered puritans, but…

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