Essay about Abortion Is A Morally Permissible

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The tremendously controversial topic of abortion is one that has many opinions and biased beliefs attached to it. With that being said, I stand in a position where I find abortion morally permissible in an increasing range of cases, with parallel ideas to the ones Judith Jarvis Thomson presents in A Defense of Abortion. Thomson presents two great analogies, the violinist and the “people-seeds” analogy, which clearly and effectively show that abortion is a morally permissible act in most cases. Although many may think otherwise, Thomson creates these scenarios in which it is clear that abortion should be morally acceptable. In A Defense of Abortion, Thomson introduces the violinist story. She asks you to visualize waking up in the morning and finding yourself back to back in bed with an unconscious violinist. He has kidney failure and the Society of Music Lovers had kidnapped you and plugged the violinist’s circulatory system to yours. This process is only for nine months, but if you unplug yourself from the violinist, he will die. It is clear that you are there against your own will, but you do not want to unplug yourself from him as doing so will result in you killing the violinist.
This is perhaps one of the most discussed and debated topics in regards to abortion, abortion due to rape. The violinist story clearly depicts a situation in which someone is raped and gets pregnant. The control of your body is literally taken away from you when you are raped. You are not…

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