Abortion Is A Matter Of Concern For The End Of Pregnancy Essay

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Abortion is defined medicine as a term for the end of pregnancy by removing the embryo or fetus and removal from the uterus before birth due. In humans and other species, an abortion can occur spontaneously due to complications during pregnancy or intentionally caused. In the case of pregnancy in humans, an intentional abortion may be called treatment or options. The term is mainly referred to the abortion cases intentional abortion pregnancy; cases of pregnancy loss in a natural way is often termed a miscarriage. The abortion is a matter of concern for the whole society today. Some people say that we should not have an abortion, but the others agree with the right of abortion. The agreement and disagreement about abortion are right in some specific circumstances. First, abortion is legal because women have their own choices to control over their own bodies. They have the right to think should or should not to have children in a certain situation in their lives. For example, when a woman pregnant accidently, she may think about her situation at that time. If she already has had too many children to take care at home, having another one is so difficult for her. If she cannot bring to her child a full life and take care the child well, this is not a right time. In addition, a baby is born without healthcare or any attention from her or his parents is the disadvantaged. He or she cannot have a worthy life when the parents are struggling with their financial. Economic…

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