Abortion Is A Cruel Act Of Killing The Fetus Essay

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Abortion. Do you know what it is? Well whether you do or not you should read this. It may change your mind about abortion for the better. Yes abortion may be legal in the state you live in, but does that make it right? Don’t think so. So if you’re interested in learning more about abortion, read this. Why do people think abortion is right? Abortion is a very powerful topic and many people have different outlooks on it. Abortion is a cruel act of killing the fetus while in the mother’s womb. There are multiple ways to have an abortion. Through the pill or the clinics. Should abortion be legal? Yes or No?
During the pregnancy, the baby’s life begins as early as two weeks. At the third week of fertilization, the eyes and the spinal cord are visible and the brain has two lobes. This means the baby can open its eyes and move around. At seven weeks of fertilization the nerves and muscles work together giving the baby full mobilization in the womb. At just sixteen weeks the preborn makes eye movement. Just a few weeks later at twenty weeks of fertilization the preborn sleeps, awakes, and can hear sounds. At this stage in the pregnancy, it is the last week to have an abortion. But knowing how your baby is evolving why would you want to end the life you think doesn’t exist? “No abortion allowed in Texas.” This shows that abortion is banned from the state of Texas for certain reasons. This also shows that California is not the only state that considers abortion to be an important…

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