Abortion In Jig's Hills Like White Elephants

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The setting of the story in “Hills Like White Elephants” dictates why the couple does not state what they are talking about. This story takes place in the 1920’s and during this time period abortion was seen as a sin. Since the setting of the story was set outside in a public place the couple could not openly discuss their predicament. If the setting of the story would have taken place in their home the couple would have discussed this without having to conceal what they were actually talking about.
In the 1920’s abortion was not only considered a sin, but it was illegal in Spain until 1985. This means that what the couple was secretly discussing was not only immoral, but also illegal in this time period. Jig, whose ethnicity is unknown, is easily persuaded by the American man. Jig believes that if she has an abortion as the man wants, their relationship will go back to normal. Since they are in a public place Jig cannot start an argument as to whether or not she wants to keep the baby; because of this we are kept in the dark about Jig’s real feelings. Jig’s actions show that her feelings towards the situation do not match those of her partners. When the man talks of the
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The setting of the story was at a train station in the 1920’s. The setting of the story was outside in a public place in order to make the reader go above and beyond to analyze the story thoroughly to understand the meaning. With a different setting the reader wouldn’t have had to go the extra mile; because the conversation would have been stated plain and simple. The setting put Jig in a situation where she could not answer honestly; however, this made it easy for the man to get what he wanted. The setting in “Hills Like White Elephants” jeopardizes Jig’s ability to openly discuss her feelings, as well as the couple's ability to come to a just and agreed upon

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