Abortion, If Nothing Else, Controversial Essay example

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Abortion is, if nothing else, controversial. Many people disagree on the legality and specifics on the procedure and often these disagreements lead to heightened debates that offer extremely different views on the issue. The health policy itself is clear due to the Federal Roe v. Wade ruling of 1973 stating the constitutional right of women to privacy of medical choices that includes the choice to have an abortion. (Essentials of Health Policy and Law, 2017) What is very complicated is the part where many “Pro-Life” supporters push states to overregulate and create barriers to prevent women from access to the procedure. Because the right to abortion is deemed constitutional, states cannot deny this to their citizens. They can however, advocate for legislation such as the Mexico City Policy of 1984, that will heavily restrict the procedure. Passed by President Ronald Reagan, the Mexico City Policy declared that every non-governmental agency which receives funding from the USAID was prohibited from advocating or performing abortion related services. (Pro-Con Org, 2016) Legislation like this regulates the limitations of the right, and as a result creates further difficulty for women who seek abortion services.

Abortions: The Good and the Bad
A Deeper Look into the Policy and the Surrounding Effects
Abortions are used by many types of women, but they are overwhelmingly young and lower income. The vast majority of abortions for the year of 2013 were received by women in…

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