First Draft Final Paper On Abortion

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First Draft Final Paper
Jonathan Santiago
ITT Technical Institute

Introduction Abortion is a topic that creates an argument in different aspects and everyone likes to be involved in it to share values and opinions. Most people when hear the word abortion the first thing that comes to their head is hate or not wanted. In this introduction I will offer information related to this topic in order to inform people. In the 1973 abortion was prohibited during the first three months in all states by the Supreme Court. The decision of a woman to terminate their pregnancy is inside the right of privacy which gives the right to terminate their pregnancy during the first three months. There are some serious consequences when an abortion
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Anencephaly is one of the birth defects that are fatal for the baby because, the baby does not develop the some part of the skull and the brain also does not develop completely. Anencephaly is most of the time detected around the early seventh month screening of the pregnancy a very low percentage is detected before this period because, the creature is not large enough to detect this abnormality. Spina bifida is another birth defect that is not that harmful to the baby because, can be treated with medications. Spina bifida is an incomplete development of the vertebral column. It can affect some of the nerves that connect to the column that is why this defect is still very harmful but the fatal percentage is less than anencephaly. Spina bifida can be detect it during the second trimester of the pregnancy, due to the fact that this abnormality is very harmful, requires lifetime medications to prevent serious problems in the future. Trisomy 18 is another birth defect that is very harmful and most of the time fatal to the baby due to the fact that most of the internal organs does not develop completely. Extremities are also affected by this birth defect because; the ears, legs, foot, arms, and waist develop deformation. Babies with trisomy 18 the ears sometimes, grow bellow the normal level and sometimes only develop the external part and …show more content…
An unsafe abortion put the life of the mother at very high risk because, most of the time is performed by a person that is not legally certified or basically has no experience on this type practice. An abortion can have serious consequences if it is either safely or unsafely practiced but, the risk is more likely to be higher when it’s practiced in an unsafe manner. One of the consequences of an unsafe abortion is loss cervical tissue, causing the woman to have infertility on future intents to get pregnant. Another consequence is the retained product inside, causing infection in the woman which can lead to death if not treated on time. Heavy bleeding in another consequence of an unsafe abortion because, is mostly performed without the require resources and the person that perform this procedure can damage any internal organ inside the reproductive system causing this. Infection is also another consequence that can be very harmful if the woman get any because, this is an internal procedure if is not practiced in an area that is not properly prepared for this type of practice or if the equipment is not sterilized the woman can get an infection that can lead to death. Another consequence of unsafe abortion is a charge or charges against the law because, if a person that perform this practice in a unsafe manner can

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