Abortion, Ethics, And Reflexive Longevity Essay

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After reading all four articles, I found Sharon Kaufman and Emily Wentzell’s to be the most intriguing arguments because they challenged my own surface level understanding of the issues they presented in a deeper context.
I thought Kaufman’s article on “Medicare, Ethics, and Reflexive Longevity” provided a compelling argument on how “medicine materializes and problematizes time” (210, 2011). In a society where the prevalence of aging and the culturally and structurally “appropriate” treatment for aging is dependent upon the deployment of advanced technological developments of medicine, through health care programs such as Medicare, this system does not leave much room for the patient’s individual autonomy in developing a personal treatment plan based on his or her own standards or beliefs on time and aging.
Before reading Kaufman’s article, I only understood Medicare to be a program designed to help elderly members of the population afford medical assistance for health issues inevitable with aging. I assumed Medicare would cover any type of health care, ranging from preventative, rehabilitation, to complex surgeries. After reading about the trends that Medicare payments preferentially covers, my assumption does not appear to be the case at all. It is my understanding now, in the context of Kaufman’s analysis, that Medicare preferably seeks to cover emergency operations and not so much at the will of the patient, but based on the interests of the government, families, or…

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