Natural Vs Procured Abortion

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The topic that I have investigated about is Abortion. Abortion is a highly controversial topic around the globe, mostly because of the moral issues it brings forwards based on people’s philosophies and religion. A significant part of the population, called prolife, consider abortion as murdering a living child and hence, are against abortion. Another group of people, called prochoice, believe that the parents, particularly women, have the choice to do anything with their body and entertain the right to decide whether or not to keep the child. They may not necessarily be against abortion, but they believe that abortion is an equally morally right option for women.
The history of abortion suggests that there were no legal prohibition on abortion
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Natural abortion, popularly known as miscarriages, does not involve woman’s decision and happen without any human intervention. Procured abortion occurs as a result of a human’s planned medical intervention. Most of the debate on abortion is specifically over procured abortion rather than natural abortion. There were approximately 1.06 million abortions in America in 2011, and despite the legalization, there has been a steady decline in abortion since 1980s (estimated to be 1.02 million in 2012 and 984,000 in 2013) (Abort73, par.2). Of all the unintended pregnancies, 4 in 10 are aborted, and 2% of all women aged 15-44 have an abortion each year in the United States (Abort73, par.2). Abortion rate is seen significantly higher in women in age group 20-24 years, unmarried women and economically disadvantaged as opposed to their counter groups (Abort73, par.3). The highest numbers of abortion are reported in California, New York and Florida, while the lower numbers come from Mississippi, Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota (Abort73, par.2). The statistics for abortions in the United States is similar to those in Australia, Sweden and New Zealand, but it is higher than those of other west European countries (Abort73, …show more content…
The prolife group is dominant by Christians since the Christian theology claims that life begins during conception and there is a divine spark of life inside the womb. That leads them to believe that the unborn life deserves to live and entertain all the rights possessed by a normal person, and thus, abortion would be synonymous to murder. The prochoice people, on the other hand, base their arguments on the women’s rights and significance of preventing unwanted and defective birth, and possible economic trouble or poor quality of life of the child. Abortion is not considered murder in Judaism because the fetus is not yet considered a full human. Likewise, Buddhism is also not completely unsupportive of abortion, as they believe that even though it has negative vibes, its moral righteousness or wrongness depends on each individual circumstance. Therefore, social life, religious beliefs and various other factors contribute in determining whether prolife or prochoice beliefs are dominant in each society, and that’s why abortion seems to be a very controversial topic. Abortion has often also been discussed in the context of reproductive freedom and population control. The prochoice groups use facts on how abortion can be important to control undesirable population growth rate as a result of unwanted or unplanned pregnancy to support their argument. The

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