History Of Abortion In The United States

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Even before the settlers landed in what is now called the United State, abortions have been being performed in many cultures for many different reasons. Until the Supreme Court’s Roe versus Wade decision, states had different laws regarding abortion. This ruling helped to save many lives by helping to stop the prevalence of back alley abortions. These days, there are several different medically supervised ways to terminate pregnancies, allowing pregnant women safer options. While there are still many differing opinions and debates on abortion rights today, women have come a long way from having to risk their lives in order to end a pregnancy. With the rapid reported growth rate of abortions in the United States, it will probably be unlikely that this nation as a whole will make abortion illegal once again.
History of Abortion
The Supreme Court has abortion laws confiding, regulating and limiting whether, when and in what circumstances a woman should obtain an abortion. In the United States, the history of abortion goes back much further than the 1973 Supreme
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In the United States today this topic is still a hot button topic discussed by many people all over the country and beyond the borders. Many cultures have different views and policies regarding abortion as to what is acceptable and what is deemed wrong. With the rapid rate of abortions and the highly comparable rates of abortions to live births, abortions seem to be more widely accepted than before. With the different options available to pregnant women, there are safe and medically supervised ways to terminate pregnancies without risking the lives of the mothers. With the ever-changing laws in the United States on abortion and women’s rights, it seems highly unlikely that abortions will be made to be illegal once again; however one can never predict the

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