Abortion Effects On Abortion

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Many different conditions have been based on personal observation to include abortion including subsequent reproductive complications. Often women who chose to get an abortion are just starting their reproductive years, so the effect of abortion on reproduction becomes a very significant one. Often there aren’t any complications except when there was an infection that complicated the abortion, but there is no correlation between induced abortion and secondary infertility or even an ectopic pregnancy. Women who have had an abortion before does not have a higher chance of having a mid-trimester abortion, or a baby with low birth weight, or even ectopic pregnancies, compared to a women in her 1st pregnancy or even one in her 2nd when her 1st was …show more content…
Completely by chance and not by risk some of the women who have had an abortion ends up having a complicated pregnancy. An average on 1/3 pregnancies end in miscarriage, which is also considered a random abortion, also at least 1/20 births are preterm or weigh less than 5.5 pounds. There is always the chance of more rare and serious complications in all women who get pregnant to include ectopic pregnancies, and having a stillbirth. After a traumatic experience of losing a baby to stillbirth or even an ectopic pregnancy after a woman has had an abortion, it is only natural for them to question if their abortion was the cause of these complications. As many women believe it couldn’t have been their faults it had to be the doctors. Other potential risks include psychological problems, and even cancer, particularly breast cancer. Abortion is an option for any woman who is not ready for a baby or who can’t handle it as long as they are in their reproductive years when it is ideal. To take away unnecessary fears and misinformation, doctors should be well informed about all possibilities of complications after abortion. For some complications the evidence can be very extensive, including but not limited to low birth weight, secondary infertility, and ectopic

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