Abortion Controversial

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Over the years abortion has been a controversial topic for the people and for politics in the United States of America; since the 19th century. Since 1900, there have been a lot of laws that were set up for each state of the United States, which specify the anti-abortion; these laws are in the statute book. These laws were structured for many years, until the 1973 the Supreme Court invalidated all of these laws. When this happened, a lot of people where against it, and it is when this topic started to get very controversial. Abortion is an interesting topic to me because in the past few years this topic been very controversial in politics and people. Also, I disagree in I some points of abortion, and I agree in other things; I’m in between …show more content…
Abortion started to be more controversial in 1973, when the court rules that the constitutional right to privacy is broad enough to include the termination of a pregnancy. According to Kissling (2006), “In spite of the catholic bishop’s principle on not legalizing abortion, democrat congresswomen are fighting for a prolife advocacy that prohibits abortion” (p. 39).There are always going to be issues with religion because they do not believe that a person has the right to kill someone. This all set up to giving the right to think about abortion. A lot of people were against it, because how the government is going to give the right to kill. Some people are against legalizing abortion. There are two groups that are very different. For example one group is against it because the moral or religious views and the other group agree that the woman should have the right to choose abortion. These two groups have different pints of view about abortion. I do not belong to one of these groups because I’m in between, and it’s too hard to choose one group. This conflict is going to here forever, and is not just in the United States, this topic is controversial I the whole world. Now is too hard to stop the government to give the right of abortion, because is already legal in some of the states in the United States. For instance, Pennsylvania is one of the states that abortion is legal. It might be legal in some of the …show more content…
Young girls that got pregnant are the ones that are more anxious to aborting their babies. In the United States this conflict started in the early 1990’s. According to Kane (1996), “the conventional wisdom holds that an increase in access to abortion services should lead to a decline in teen motherhood” (p. 467). In the past 4 years 614,000 girls got pregnant in the ages between 15-1. Most of those girls were attended to aborting their babies. For example, in the years 2008 to 2010 a 19% of the girls have abortions. The rate is not that high, but those girls still kill their babies. As the years pass teen pregnancy rate drop because girls would use more effective methods, which this means that there are going to be less teen pregnancy and teen abortions. Surrounded by all racial and ethnic groups the Hispanics and black girls were the ones that got pregnant on a very young age. At the ages of 15 and 19 girls were more usually to aborting their babies, and was more usual to abort for the older girls. Some of these girls that had abortions would have more issues with their bodies later on their lives. It will be harder for them to get pregnant in the future. The reason why these girls would do abortion is because they think that having a baby that young, would be the end of the

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