Abortion Be Legal Essay

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Abortion Should Be An Option

Christine Ouimet

Informal Logic

Aaron Novinger

March 19, 2012

Abortion Should Be An Option
Thirty- nine years ago the Supreme Court ruled in Roe vs. Wade to legalize abortion. It is a women’s right to have an abortion if she wants to. A woman should never feel like they are a killer because of the choice of going with abortion. Way too many teenagers are getting pregnant; not allowing them to get an abortion is saying that they have to raise their child as a single mother or in poverty (Jacob, Weisberg). Children or woman that are raped or woman who can’t cope mentally or physically with a baby should not be forced to go through the whole pregnancy. It is not their life we are talking about
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Most teen moms will try and hide a pregnancy because of fear of their parents finding out and they may not be taking the proper prenatal vitamins or even not even go to the doctor.
If a woman is raped then she should be able to choose abortion instead of having to live with the rape for the rest of her life. It is not the woman’s fault if she is raped and gets pregnant. If she decides she can’t handle having the baby or if the baby will bring back real bad memories she should not be forced to have the baby (Lorraine Kelly). The baby could face possible problems in the long run if the mother starts taking the anger of the rape, out on the baby.
If a child or women gets pregnant that can’t mentally or physically handle having a baby should have the option of getting an abortion. If a baby is born to a mother who is mentally unstable the baby is likely to be neglected or abused. This is something that is seen all of the time and the children should not have to live their lives like this. The children that are getting abused are more likely, when they are older, to do the same thing to their children. It becomes a cycle that does not end. No child deserves to live a life of abuse.
Part II: Counter-argument
There is never a valid reason to kill a baby. As soon as the mother gets pregnant the fetus is a living human. A baby is a baby right from conception and has rights

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