Abortion Article Analysis

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From the first glance the article “Abortion: To what extent should women be allowed access to abortion in the United Sates written by Facts on File Issues and Controversies” shows a picture of a peaceful protest brewing in front of the nations capitol. Protesters from both pro life and pro choice sides of the debate are holding propaganda signs with bold text stating “ keep abortion legal or defend life.” Some of the signs even have blown up ultrasound images showing fetuses in different stages of gestation. The introduction to this article shows a table with the supporters argument and opponents argument providing a general overview on what the article is going to be about. This is a good example of an informative article because is has a …show more content…
Various writing Strategies include defining, comparing, and explaining a process. Descriptions of the Pro choice groups are used to compare the beliefs of both sides of the debate. Pro Choice people stand for mostly unrestricted access to abortion whereas Pro Life groups view abortion as murder. The author of the article defines these terms in the first few sentences of the article. In doing so the author provided the basic understanding to what these groups stand for so the reader could compare the two sides. The article provides definitions for terms like viability which means: the point at which a fetus could survive outside of the womb. Another writing strategy used in this article is explaining a process the author uses the description of how an IDE abortion better known as a partial birth abortion is preformed to draw in the readers attention to how grouse late term abortion can be. An IDE abortion is a late term abortion where the fetus is delivered then its skull is crushed so it can pass through the birth canal. The writer also describes two types of medications one that is used to terminate pregnancies and the other that is used to prevent pregnancies. A good informative essay will provide the reader with accurate well researched information. This essay helps the reader get a good perspective on both topics so one may make an informative decision when choosing a side. This article is good for someone who is going to go into the field of ultrasound technology because it provides a well organized, throughly researched and clearly defines both sides of the debate over

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