Abortion And The United States Essays

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In the United States individuals are granted the freedom to advocate and express their thoughts and opinions concerning a number of matters. Abortion in the United States has become a popular topic of controversial debate between those who support and those who oppose the movement. Although abortion is legal in the United States, it continues to be an ongoing debate to this day. The differences in regards to abortion condenses to two individuals: supporters, also referred to as Pro-Choice and individuals who oppose the movement, Pro-Life. Personally, I do not support abortion; I do however believe that women should have ultimate control on what they choose to do with their bodies.
Individuals who are Pro-Choice advocate for a woman’s right to have the option of choosing abortion if its her best interest and will to do so. Pro-Choice is the freedom for an individual to do what they choose with their bodies, respecting women’s choices, and remaining pro-active to keep these choices legal. They argue that the decision should ultimately come down to the individual without any outside influence.
On the contrary, Pro-Life argues that abortion is the killing of an innocent human being. Essentially these individuals limit a woman’s decision by forcing her into having a child. They support this argument by stating that after the child is born, it can be given up for adoption. The emotional repercussions of giving a child up for adoption can have as much of an effect on a woman’s…

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