Abortion And The Second Trimester Essay

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One of today’s most controversial topics, concerns whether a woman has the right to end late term pregnancies through abortion. Specifically, whether it is morally permissible for women to receive abortions in the third trimester. In this paper, we will discuss both sides of the argument for “pro” and “anti” groups on whether it is permissible to have a third trimester abortion. To elaborate on what the third trimester entail is, the third trimester is considered to between weeks 24-40. When women receive abortions in this trimester is it usually too late to use medicine to abort the fetus, so often women will have an intact dilation and extraction abortion (Munson & Ian, 2016, p. 457). There are three methods to this procedure. The first method, is when a doctor ejects digoxin in to the uterus to stop the fetus’s heart, then after death the women is induced with hormones to deliver the fetus vaginally (Munson & Ian, 2016, p. 457). Second method, a drug is used to dilate the cervix, then moving the fetus until it can be pulled from the birth canal (Munson & Ian, 2016, p. 457). Usually to make the process easier, the fetal brain is evacuated by suction, which results in a collapsed skull (Munson & Ian, 2016, p. 457). The final method, the woman’s cervix is dilated and the fetus is dismembered and extracted by using instruments. The fetus is terminated by injection before this process starts (Munson & Ian, 2016, p. 457). These are the three methods which groups of…

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