Abortion And The Right Of The Fetus Essays

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Abortion is a very controversial topic, it will always be a constant question, is it the right of the mother or of the fetus? Should it be legal in all states or not? It should be the right of the mother to decided whether she aborts the fetus or not. Many pro-life standpoints argue that when a woman chooses to have an abortion, she is committing crime of restricting the right of the fetus over its own body. It might sound correct, but it has a few grey areas, what you do with your own body is tied to your personhood, a concept that is not absolutely black and white. A fetus is considered viable when it is able to live outside the woman 's uterus on its own. A fetus under 24 weeks old is incapable of self-determination because it hasn 't properly developed the necessary organs. Life begins at conception, but personhood begins at self-determination. Making abortion illegal will result in increase of women maternal injury and death caused by unsafe, illegal abortion. Woman who are denied abortions are more likely to become unemployed, to be below the poverty line, and to become victims of domestic violence. Life begins at conception, but personhood begins at self-determination It is not the place of the government to legislate against woman 's choices. Teenage pregnancy is also a very important factor for making abortion legal. The younger the mother is, the greater the risk to her and her baby. Professionally performed abortions can save adolescents from dying in…

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