Essay about Abortion And Reasons For The Abortion

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Abortion and Reasons for Having One Have you ever wonder why women get an abortion? Well they get abortions because of many reasons some are more because of their money situation, or they can’t tell their parents because their parents will feel ashamed of their children or they aren’t even ready for a child. When they get pregnant they need to figure out what they want to do for them and they fetus inside of them. Abortion is helpful to all ages of women that want or need to end their pregnancies but they can also be harmful for their bodies and minds in the long run. Abortion can be helpful if they are done safely but if done incorrectly they can cause lots of problems to their bodies and their mental health. There are plenty of abortions happening everyday but some are not even legal because the women live in countries that it is illegal to have an abortion, or abortions are too expensive and they can not afford to have one. In the end they go and have ones that are Illegal or even unsafe that cause issues in the end that either end after long treatments or never go away. Abortion can be done legally or illegally but, “Illegal or unsafe abortion practices can have devastating effects on a patient’s health; including loss of fertility. However, abortion completed in a safe and legal medical setting is not correlated with infertility”(Wellisch, Chor 3). Wellisch and Chor are saying that if you are safe with having an abortion then you will have less chance of becoming…

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