Essay on Abortion And Its Effects On The Female Body

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Rodgers 1 Abortion is when a women is pregnant and you terminate it cause death to the fetus. Abortions can happen naturally by the women having an injury or the baby not developing fully, thats known as a miscarriage. Abortion is a big conflict in todays society. The subject has cause lots of debates and court cases. There are different methods to abortion and there are many regulations to abortion too. There two main types of abortion, drug based abortion and surgical abortion. Drug based abortion consist of taking two pills. You take one the first day and another one 48 hours later. The pill you take the first day is mifepristone. This pill blocks a hormone needed for pregnancy in the female body. When this hormone is blocked is hard for the female body to form the baby. The second pill they take is misoprostol. You take this pill 48 hours after the first one. This pill is a hormone in the body which causes contractions in the uterus which expels the fetus. Another drug based pill is a injection thats an anticancer drug that cause the cell for the baby to not form and then 2 weeks later you take misoprostol to expel the fetus. The drug based way is a 96 percent chance that it would abort the pregnancy. This way is more effective in the early stages of the pregnancy. These drugs have side effects to them that causes women in the U.S not to adopt this form of abortion. Some of the side effects can hurt the heart and lungs and lead to death. The second method to…

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