Abortion: A Woman's Ultimate Choice

A Woman’s Ultimate Choice The Oxford Dictionary defines life as “The existence of an individual human being or animal” (Oxford Dictionary, screen 1). This can be interpreted in many ways, but simply it can be shown that a fetus can be considered alive when it becomes a reality. For many women, the reality of being pregnant might be scary- maybe the pregnancy was not planned, or maybe it was and it is just a shock. Why; though, could a person choose to rid of this life almost as soon as it becomes a reality? The common way of thinking about abortion now is that the woman should decide what she should do with her body, but allowing them to rid of an innocent life that can be given to someone who would adore the child is heartbreaking. Although the United States Constitution declared abortion to being a fundamental right for a woman, it does not change that fact that a life is being denied. In 2004, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act was enacted, an act …show more content…
There are circumstances in which many people feel abortion can have a valid explanation; one major one being in the circumstances of rape. Despite that this is an intense argument for many people; studies show less than one percent of abortions are related to rape or incest (Operation Rescue, screen 1). Alternatively, the two highest justifications women gave for getting an abortion was because they were not ready for the responsibility or because they did not have sufficient finances (Operation Rescue, screen 1). There are also points of health taken into consideration, as Jill Filipovic states; “I am pro-choice because I want women to be physically and emotionally healthy” (Filipovic, screen 1). Abortion has, indeed, come a long way and is now very safe in terms of the procedure. Though, it is often times overused and is replaced as a dangerous form of

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