Abortion : A Woman 's Right Essay

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Abortion to some is considered murder, and to others it is a “woman’s right.” (224)
People have many different viewpoints when it comes to abortion. There are those in favor, and those not in favor. One example for those in favor of abortion is the court decision established in 1973 known as Roe vs. Wade. This decision made it illegal for states to ban abortion. A woman is permitted to have an abortion performed if the fetus is six months old or younger. It is illegal to have an abortion performed within the last three months of pregnancy. Typically, most American’s are on one side of the spectrum, those who are in opposition of abortion (pro-life) and those who support it (pro-choice). After the 1973 court case of Roe vs. Wade many American’s felt as though the topic of abortion would be settled, but it was “far from settling” (223). The issue has even spread from the U.S. Supreme Court level down to the state judicial level with many states attempting to and passing laws that differ from one another. The idea of abortion for most people is a “highly emotionally charged” (225) opinion. It doesn’t just stem from the government’s ability to make laws for the greater good of U.S. citizens. It stems from the moral and ethical emotions that people feel on the inside, unlike many other topics that are often debated in society. Scientifically, one of the biggest aspects that is taken into consideration while each side debates is the different stages of fetal development, “they…

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