Essay on Abortion : A Legal Medical Procedure

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With the constant evolution of humanity, controversies are bound to happen. There is no such thing as living in a perfect world. People will always come by problems in their lives and be caught up arguing for what they believe in. Everyone has many opinions of their own about any kinds of circumstances, and in the medical field, abortion is one of them.
For centuries, people have always argued whether abortion would be considered as a legal medical procedure. Abortion is one of many relevant real-world issues in the field of nursing due to the fact nurses are also witnesses to many women getting abortion. Abortions happen due to many kind of situations; abortions due to being conceived from rape, having a child that may have a sickness from heredity and not wanting the child to go through hardships in life due to it, or having abortion because there could be difficulties to both the child and the mother during the process of giving birth. Although to some women, they go through the process of abortion because they do not want to have the child. Children are born to give them the opportunity to fulfill and live their own life. If a woman does not want a child or lack mental and physical state of taking care of a child, there are solutions to which they could choose if they have conceived and would want to go through the process of abortion.
Instead, of going through abortion, there are alternative choices women can choose to have, and one of them is to give their…

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