Abortion : A Debate About Abortion Essay

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There are about 250 million pregnancies annually around the world. Research shows that almost one-third are accidental and one-fifth are terminated. That is 50,000,000 lives gone each year. Medical author, Suzanne R. Trupin, MD, says more than 40% of women will terminate their pregnancy within their reproductive life. Abortion has been a heated topic for years. Not many people really understand what abortion is. Abortion is terminating a pregnancy by removing the fetus or embryo from the womb before the fetus or embryo has a chance of survival. However, a spontaneous abortion is also known as a miscarriage. The term ‘abortion’ is most commonly used when the abortion is caused purposely, not accidentally. Although abortion is not agreed with, it still remains common in the United States and worldwide. There are different types of abortion procedures for the different trimesters of a pregnancy. During the first trimester, women may choose between medical or surgical abortion procedures. In addition to that, the types of abortions available in the first trimester are Methotrexate and Misoprostol, Mifepristone and Misoprostol, Manual Vacuum Aspiration and lastly, Aspiration. The first method mentioned is used up until the seven week point of a pregnancy. However, the combination of these medications is not commonly used in the United States. The second method mentioned is used up to the first seven-nine weeks of a pregnancy. Other names for these medications are RU-486, the…

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