Abortion : A Controversial Topic Essay

761 Words Mar 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Abortion is a very a controversial topic and I don 't believe it will fully be resolved in my lifetime. This is a probably one of the most contentious issue that haunts America today. I had the experience to witness my friend go through the abortion. I would say I was not in the room with her but I was there at the clinic for moral support. This is why abortion is a topic that I feel strongly about. Before we did this group project, I thought I knew everything about abortion due to the friend 's experience. I did not have any idea what was in store. Even though the group 's topics were not about the horrors of abortion, however, you couldn 't help but read the stories and see the graphic pictures of abortions. Am I pro-life or pro-choice? I think I am a little bit of both. Personally, I couldn 't have an abortion unless it was a medical emergency or rape. If I was going through domestic abuse situation, I couldn 't have an abortion. Some people may ask "Why rape but not domestic abuse?" The rape is sometimes a random act by a person you don 't know. Domestic abuse is from someone you once loved and probably still do. I couldn 't see myself with a child that I knew was born out someone 's need for power.
This project made me reflect on my personal beliefs. I had to put myself in my friend 's shoes per se. I know she was scared and did not have anyone to turn to except me and her boyfriend at the time. As a person that do not judge or try not to, she could…

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