Abortion : A Controversial Topic For Decades Essay

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Abortion has been a very controversial topic for decades. It is common to confuse the opinions of others to the concrete facts of the matter. It’s important to take into consideration and fully understand the factual information of the situation, the legality, and the moral aspect of abortions before forming beliefs and views of your own. An abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. (dictionary.com) The pros and cons of abortions are endless and will never result in a single right or wrong choice. Having an abortion can stem from a variety of situations and circumstances. Some circumstances can make a woman feel like there is no other option but to abort. Situations like being raped, child abuse, or involving incest are prime examples of settings where consent was absent and there was no intent to reproduce. Other situations where a female may feel inclined to abort would be if their mental or physical state was greatly at risk due to pregnancy. It is important to remember the counter arguments that ultimately result in abortions. In many instances, inexperienced females allow their curiosity about sexual activity to interfere with taking precautions against the potential consequences like unwanted pregnancy. Their inexperience with sexual encounters likely translates to their inability to stably raise a healthy child, resulting in the decision to abort. These reasons form part of the 1967 Abortion Act
(medic8, 2014), which lead…

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