Abortion : A Controversial Subject Essay

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Abortion is a highly controversial subject in today 's community. The main issue of the subject is whether or not a fetus constitutes as a living thing before it is born. Those who oppose are pro-choice, those who agree, are pro-life. Those who are against abortion feel that since the fetus is a life, it is entitled to the rights as every other human being and that the mother of the child has no authority to take those rights away. Those who are for abortion believe that the mother has the right to do whatever she may please with her body, including the actions she commits when the mother is pregnant. Since the mid 1800’s women have fought for their basic rights; including the rights to their own bodies. In the constitution it states that we all have the right to privacy which includes the privacy of our own bodies is when a woman is pregnant it is still her body. Is the position of pro-life just another way to control and restrain the female population from independence and individuality aside from paid inequality? I believe that a woman is allowed to do what she pleases with her own body. Sometimes there are circumstances that leave a woman without a choice to refrain from becoming pregnant such as rape or molestation. Therefore a woman should be allowed to do what she desires if she does not want that child.
If a woman who has been sexually assaulted be forced to keep the child that she was never ready to receive and take care of? Should a woman who is aware of her…

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