Abortion : A Controversial Issue Essay

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Abortion is a highly controversial issue. Abortion deals with people’s decision and moral code because one decision plays a major factor in what happens to the other person. This issue has been debated for a long time because both sides of the arguments have strong points to their case. This issue is dealing with deciding if a life is worth living or dying. When dealing with abortion, one is not only dealing with one life, but with two lives. Not only does the mother of the unborn child have rights, but also the unborn child has rights. How does one decide whose rights overcome the other when looking at the good and the bad side of the issue? Abortion is not an issue that can be fixed easily and may never be completely fixed because of the complexity and depth of the issue. Society, as a whole, is not in agreement of what should happen with this issue. Abortion is an ethical issue that is complex with strong arguments for and against abortion with many different angels to look it at such as through an ethical perspective or through a Biblical perspective.
The Basis of the Argument for Abortion A pro-abortion mindset places the needs and rights of the mother over the moral status of the unborn child. This child has no rights and no status, so it is seen as okay to end something with no moral status or moral worth (Jones and Chaloner 45). The fact that a fetus has a right to life does not entail that a woman ever has a duty to carry that fetus to term, since a woman does not…

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