Abortion : A Controversial Issue Essay example

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Over the years abortion has been a controversial topic for the people and for politics in the United States of America; since the 19th century. Since 1900, there have been a lot of laws that were set up for each state of the United States, which specify the anti-abortion; these laws are in the statute book. These laws were structured for many years, until the 1973 the Supreme Court invalidated all of these laws. When this happened, a lot of people where against it, and it is when this topic started to get very controversial. Abortion is an interesting topic to me because in the past few years this topic been very controversial in politics and people. Also, I disagree in I some points of abortion, and I agree in other things; I’m in between is hard to choose one direction. Abortion brings a lot of conflicts, for example, the social conflict of abortion, legalized abortion, and teen abortion. There are several reasons why abortion is a controversial conflict. The first conflict that abortion brings up is legalizing abortion. Abortion started to be more controversial in 1973, when the court rules that the constitutional right to privacy is broad enough to include the termination of a pregnancy. According to Kissling (2006), “In spite of the catholic bishop’s principle on not legalizing abortion, democrat congresswomen are fighting for a prolife advocacy that prohibits abortion” (p. 39).There are always going to be issues with religion because they do not believe that a person…

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