Essay about Abort Abortions And Its Effects On Society

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Abort Abortions
According to Webster’s dictionary, life is defined as the ability to undergo growth and change. Everyone during the course of their life experiences growth and change in many different ways, whether it is intellectual growth or physical development. This is no exception for a fetus inside of a woman; they grow and change rapidly in a nine month period. Life is extremely precious, and to take that away from anyone is immoral. While morality is another corrupt aspect in our society, it is ethically and plain wrong to take the life away from any living being, especially if they are voiceless in the matter.
During the course of conception, a woman becomes pregnant approximately three weeks after a sperm cell has entered an egg cell through sexual intercourse (MedlinePlus Fetal Development). After about thirty-eight to forty weeks of growth and development (gestation), a baby is formed and brought into the world. According to Medline Plus, the fifth week of gestation is known as the embryonic period (the cell is now known as an embryo), and is “when all the baby’s major systems and structures develop.” This means that the baby has developed a heart, brain, and spinal cord, all of which are vital to life. However, in 2011, “91.4% of abortions were performed at less than or equal to 13 weeks’ gestation” (CDC Reproductive Health). This means that these precious lives are taken even though the child already has a well-formed face, finger and toe nails, and is able…

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