Essay on Aboriginals: the Mistreated Minorites of Canada

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Aboriginal people are very passionate about their culture and traditions and believe that they are an important part of Canada’s past. Although their customs shaped Canada into a great nation, they are slowly fading into the background while competing with the French and English cultures. “Such an understanding gives no consideration to the presence and role of Aboriginal groups throughout history.” First Nation’s people do not receive a just amount of respect and equality in terms of their rights for land and freedom. Over the past century there have been several brutal protests that promote a negative, violent appearance towards all Aboriginals. In order to advance within society and claim land that is rightfully theirs, Natives …show more content…
The government promised that the Aboriginals would receive land that was rightfully theirs and would not be disrupted again. This battle between the government and Aboriginals gives the impression that violent and inhumane behaviour is only coming from the Aboriginals, however the media fails to show the government retaliation. It is unjust to blame all of the violence on the Natives because both parties added problems to the situation.

One of the first land claim agreements that acted as a stepping stone for other land claims that followed was the James Bay Treaty. Due to the fact that “the deal was controversial from the start” there were many signatories to make the treaty official. The agreement was shaped by Hydro-Quebec who wanted to ensure that they would make a profit from the Aboriginal people’s land. This land claim was negotiated under a great deal of pressure with numerous court days and lawyers present at every meeting between the groups. The Natives often thought that they were being taken advantage of and that they should not have to give up any of their land at all. “The Natives wrote letters to the Department of National Defence, organized joint actions with rural peoples and Aboriginal groups in the U.S. and Europe, met with European government representatives, held news conferences, and participated in demonstrations.” In order to join the community together, and peacefully riot against the

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