Essay about Aboriginal 's Are Part Of A Marginalized Minority Population

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Aboriginal 's are part of a marginalized minority population in Canada. Aboriginals struggle to achieve sustainable income levels and experience a lowered social status and because of this face many health disadvantages that compromise their health. For many, living below the poverty line means that may face additional issues of homelessness. Even now, many First Nations people live in crowded homes or their homes are in disrepair on the reserve. The media has elsewhere mentioned the severe housing crisis on Canadian reserves. When aboriginal people leave the reserve and are without income, they face extreme poverty and continued homelessness. Criminal activity can be the next step for some individuals. Is homelessness the reason that more Aboriginals per capita are in prison? Stefania Seccia has written an interesting article that proposes to examine why so many Aboriginals are jailed. As aboriginals are part of a minority ethnic group in Canada, their health is influenced not only by their income and social status, but also by inadequate support networks Seccia’s work titled, "Aboriginals Far More Likely to be Jailed," discusses the health determinants of income and social status. Seccia presents statistics of a research project conducted by Urban Health Research Initiative along with the University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. In the study, 1,050 youths between the ages of 14-26, who live on the streets of Vancouver, were…

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