Aboriginal Students Are Not Getting The Education They Need Essay

769 Words Oct 4th, 2015 4 Pages
It is widely agreed upon that aboriginal students are not getting the education they need. In the popular press article “Teaching teachers to teach” the issue of illiteracy and high dropout rates in aboriginal youth is addressed. In the article, Paul Martin states “kids who drop out in grade 10 don’t really drop out in grade 10… they dropped out in grade 4, 5, or 6 because they didn’t learn to read or write”. Luckily martin, in partnership with OISE and a few family foundations, had a program to improve literacy in aboriginal children. They tested this program in 2 schools in Ontario and the results seem to be overwhelmingly positive. The article believes this program should be in place all across Canada, but without government funding that just isn’t practical. The evidence of the program’s success was recorded using EQAO test results before and after implementing the program. This data was presented both in words, and through the use of graphs. Further proof of the program’s success is the decline in students assessed as “special needs”. It is encouraging that the improvement is visible in two very different measures. Standardized testing is a great measure of improvement because the results of every school is measured every year, so these two schools had previous data and that data is easily compared to other schools. While not as obvious as testing, number of students assessed as special needs is a great indicator of literary improvement. This is because the test used…

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