Aboriginal People Are Disadvantaged On Australian Society Essay

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Aboriginal people are disadvantaged in Australian society. Addressing low literacy levels within indigenous communities provides the catalyst for positive outcomes to the future of Aboriginal people. Growing numbers of indigenous Australians achieving tertiary qualifications advances academic standing, professional standing and employments opportunities for individual and the indigenous community as a whole ( Mellor and Corrigan 2004). Incorporating the fundamental ethos of Aboriginal culture with input from Aboriginal people and applying the outcomes to educational framework enables self-determination of Indigenous Australians. Self-determination would assist in alleviating the burden carried by Aboriginal people of unresolved individual and collective trauma being a direct result of colonisation (Abadian 1999). Recognition of the past is imperative to the health of indigenous communities, also supporting reconciliation of indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. Addressing embedded racism within our institutions, however subtle, will enable the healing of the past giving indigenous Australians recognition of sovereignty, supporting Australia’s first people to have a strong vibrant community.

Rate of mortality amongst indigenous Australians as compared with indigenous communities in other colonised countries is proportionately higher as reported by Banks ( 2007 p. 4 ) ”The biggest difference in age-specific death rates is for the middle years — for Indigenous people…

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