Aboriginal Health And Health Care Essay

2252 Words Jun 16th, 2016 10 Pages
According to a study conducted and statistics gathered by Russell, Smiler & Stace (2013), the status of Maori health in New Zealand indicates that Maori’s experience orderly incongruities in health, contributing a factor of health and health care system approachability. Financial costs are frequently identified as a significant obstacle to health care for Maori (Jansen, Bacal & Crengle, 2008). According to the Ministry of Health ([MOH], 2015), within New Zealand, people with subordinate earnings suffer more health issues. MOH (2015), stated that Maori families at all educational, work-related and income levels have worse health status than non-Maori. The government is dedicated to working with Maori to address these problems (MOH, 205). This essay will commence by exploring Maori health care and how socio-political background and social justice contributes to poor health outcomes in Maori. In addition, this essay will also reflect on the current Maori health outcomes in relation to existing clinical and community health /disability services. Lastly, it will analyse how health professionals will utilise the knowledge of Maori health in everyday practice and reflect on my practice in relation to Te Tiriti o Waitangi element, Kawanatanga. The government considers the Treaty of Waitangi as the initiating document of New Zealand and anticipates to address land and health problems through consultations (Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand, 2002). Numerous healthcare policies…

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