Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Peoples Essay

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It is definitely important to remember Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ histories because it helps us understand the hardships they faced as a culture and it can further help us recognise how we can close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people share four main world views; culture, land, place and country and relationships. The world view, relationships, is conveyed many times in each of the literary texts by relating back to certain events that Aboriginal elders faced. Three texts that clearly represent the world view relationships are,; Change the Game, by the Colli Crew; Treaty, by Yothu Yindi and Took the Children Away, by Archie Roach.
The Colli Crew’s song, Change the Game, is about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people- mostly describing the people of the past; in the text, it states that they are singing from north Queensland near the border. The world view relationships is conveyed in the text through explaining the hardships and struggles that their Indigenous ancestors faced. One quote that clearly relates to the author’s message and the world view relationships is, “Mobs rounded up, forced onto reserves, stolen from your family, taken away to school. No rights.” (Lines 20-23) It is clear that the author is talking about the stolen generation, one of the most tragic struggles that Aboriginals were forced to face, and one that Australians are still trying to mend today. By talking…

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