Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander People Essay

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are today acknowledged as the owners and custodians of this land we call home, but unfortunately, they have experienced situations that have completely disregarded their basic human rights before they received their rightful title. This essay will look at the history/ background of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in regards to their rights within Australia, analyse certain ethical issues that have occurred when dealing with their rights, outline the legislation and policies that form the basis for their rights and discuss current issues that Indigenous people face today referring to their rights and the justice system.
The first settlement was in 1788; Governor Phillip was in charge and his instructions were to uphold peaceful and friendly relations with the native inhabitants, as they were seen as subjects entitled to the protection of British law. The reality of this happening while carrying out the actions of taking over the land, were extremely slim. The Indigenous people took the initiative and fought back to protect their land causing violent uprises against the settlers. The settlers were assisted by soldiers and police as they expanded. It was not seen as a crime to kill an Indigenous person, especially if it was done to protect property, (land or cattle), or to protect a settlers’ life (Australian Law Reform Commission, 2016). This statement demonstrates just how insignificant an Indigenous person’s life…

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