Abolism Of Occult Science In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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According to Bowles and Kaplan, “Paracelsus also came to represent a symbol of occult knowledge, especially in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein in which the mad Doctor Frankenstein in worked his name while attempting to uncover hidden scientific knowledge” (Bowles and Kaplan, 2012, pg. 1). The writer of Frankenstein was John Polidori. Frankenstein was known as a monster that was involved with science. Frankenstein has also inspired many movies. According to Bowles and Kaplan, “the same concerns of misguided science were a central theme of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, though readers tend to forget that the title of the book was the name of the scientist, not the monster” (Bowles and Kaplan, 2012, pg. 1). The story Frankenstein was written …show more content…
1). Frankenstein involved the Gothic novel and Romantic Movement. It also involved science fiction. It was known as the first science fiction story. People have cultural fear, because they are afraid of many things. Fear is known as a healthy thing. It has affected many people throughout the years. Fear can also be known as an unpleasant experience. Some fears are learned, and some are brought on by instinct. Sometimes as people we imagine what may happen in our lives, this causes fear. The more scared you feel overall, the more those things will feel scary to you. Fear can stop many people from accomplishing things. If you are threatened by someone, this may cause fear also. There was a compare and contrast to the cultural response of Frankenstein with that of Darwin’s work on evolution. Darwin had views on evolution. Darwin had a theory of evolution that involved organisms being able to compete and reproduce. Frankenstein was known as a popular creature within the culture. Evolution involves facts, organisms, and history on …show more content…
Some scientists believe that the sun is white compared to yellow. Scientists believed many things. I think that they are portrayed in a positive way. People enjoy learning more from scientists. Scientists are very knowledgeable. They know a lot of information. Scientists can help people in many ways. No, it is not much different than the way Dr. Frankenstein and Darwin were portrayed. They were also portrayed in a positive way. They were liked by people. They wanted to do things to help the society. They also wanted to help people. They continued to help the community. Darwin helped by being a biologist. Dr. Frankenstein helped by being a fictional character in movies. This allowed many people to watch these different movies. In my opinion, I feel that both of these people had a positive impact on the community. They also had an impact on the society. They wanted to do things to help people. They wanted to be a good influence. These people were great at being helpful learning resources. Frankenstein movies helped when it came to culture. Frankenstein is a creature that will continue to be known in the community. He will continue to be known as an important

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