Abnormality Essay

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Taq 3
Assessment Criteria 2.1
Outlining and evaluating models of abnormality
Evaluate the biological (medical approach) and behaviourist approach to abnormality To determine the abnormality of a behaviour, several variables needs to be considered as there is no specific definition of abnormal behaviour. For instance, cultural significance plays an important role on defining the abnormality of the individual’s behaviour. If an individual is living in a different country with contrasting cultures, some may question his behaviour and perceive it as abnormal since they may not be familiar with the individual’s behaviours. Other variables to consider is Statistical infrequency, if the individual’s behaviour, trait or thinking is rare,
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Research has proven that Schizophrenic is due to genetic predisposition and environmental stressor in child’s development which may lead to subtle alternation in the brain that make a child more vulnerable to developing schizophrenia. An individual may have genes that are associated with increased risk of mental illness however research also suggest if the person is exposed to negative environment, the genes become active and may trigger the illness. Thus in treating Schizophrenia, different approach rather than solely medical treatment is beneficial to patient. Research has showed the link between the damage of pre-frontal cortex and violent behaviour, this helps us understand and treat violent behaviour using biological approach. One of the main strength of biological approach is the use of sophisticated equipment such as MRI scanners which provides accurate ways of measuring brain structure. The scientific approach towards mental illness helps to eliminate stigma and discrimination towards patients with mental illness, as it is seen same as physical illness thus not blaming the person. The weaknesses of the biological approach is that Drugs may only offer short term solution and cause severe side effects thus resulting more harm to the patients. From an evolutionary perspective, biological approach doesn’t consider the social and cultural attribute to behaviour. It also doesn’t separate genes and environmental influences on behaviour thus it may be difficult to treat patients with phobia or anxiety solely using biological

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