Abnormal Psychology : Behavior And Mental Processes Essay

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Psychology as a whole can be defined as the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. One fascinating aspect of psychology is the subsection known as abnormal psychology. This essay will define what abnormal psychology is; outline the various criteria used to define abnormal behavior and discuss the differences between Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, and Social Workers.
First we must define what abnormal psychology is. One of the more succinct definitions can be found in Essentials of Abnormal Psychology: In a Changing World:
Abnormal psychology is the branch of the science of psychology that addresses the description, causes, and treatment of abnormal behaviour patterns.
Nevid, J.S Greene, B. Johnson, P.A. Taylor, S. Macnab, M. (2012). essentials of Abnormal Psychology: in a changing world (Third Canadian edition) [Texidium version]. Retrieved from http://texidium.com
Further investigating revealed that most other definitions of what abnormal psychology is included the same or similar components. Common to all these definitions is the recognition that there is a scientific basis for making a determination if a behavior is abnormal or not. This decision is made by professionals who have received specialized education, training and licensure by a governing body. Furthermore, all definitions of what abnormal psychology is include that this field of study/treatment has a description of what an abnormal behavior(s) is/are and the causes and treatment of…

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