Essay on Abnormal Psychology- Assemsment and Diagosis

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1. Describe the relationship between assessment and diagnosis.

Clinicians, in hope to find the correct treatment to help their clients experiencing dysfunctional symptoms and signs, use both the processes of assessment and diagnosis. The clinician will first take a psychological assessment in order to summarize the individual’s symptoms. This is done through a variety of ways, including objective and subjective tests, structured and unstructured interviews and observation. After completing an assessment, the clinician has an understanding of the individual’s symptoms, circumstances surrounding those symptoms as well as decides if and how to treat the individual. During an assessment, the clinician makes sure to highlight the abilities
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127). An assessment is necessary in order for a clinician to diagnose a person seeking help, precedes the diagnosis as well as helps the clinician diagnose.

2. What is stress and what is the stress response?

Stress is the reaction of the body when one faces challenges or difficulties, interfering with their daily lives and are beyond their means of dealing with. Stress can either be positive, like the stress experienced when one gets married or negative, like the stress experienced when missing the bus to work. (Negative stress is called distress.) There are many stressors throughout life, some cause extreme stress that interfere with daily living and others are minor and manageable. The extremity of the stressor depends on the following: how long the stressor lasts, when it occurs, if it is expected and if one can control it. When a stressor lasts long, and occurs at the same time as other stressors, it is more likely to be more stressful. A stressful event like a natural disaster causes a lot of stress as it is not expected or controllable (Butcher ‘et al,’ 2013 p. 135-137).

The human body’s response to stress is to enter what is called the ‘fight or flight’ response. During this automatic reaction, the body focuses all its energy on dealing with the stress, either by escaping or fighting it. Someone with an extreme fear of dogs, when faced with a dog, is

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