Essay about Abnormal Psychology : Abnormal And Normal Psychology

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In psychology, it is stated many times, throughout many publications, that it is difficult to define abnormality. In contrast, I also find it true that it is even more difficult to define normal. In class, we have discussed the ten criteria of abnormality. In my opinion, this stands as a way to define abnormality. However, if a person only meets half of the criteria, or even one of the criteria, are they considered normal or not? This is the conflict that I am going to discuss in the following paper.
One of the first lessons we discussed in class addressed the question of what is abnormal vs. normal psychology. Looking back at the handout, there are many notes on abnormal psychology, but little too no notes on what we can define normal psychology. We have come to know abnormal psychology as meeting the ten criteria of abnormality. The ten criteria are as follows: maladaptation, statistical deviance, violation of current cultural norms, observer discomfort, persistent, pervasive, enduring, recurrent or cyclical, distressing, and dangerous to self or others. A clear understanding from this definition of abnormality is that those people who do not meet the ten criteria can be defined as normal. What if a person is considered to be maladaptive, statistically deviant, and dangerous to self or others? Just because they meet three of the ten criteria, they are normal? In my personal opinion, when someone is a danger to themselves or others, meaning they intend…

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