Abigail Williams Innocent Analysis

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Judge Hathorne Testimony in Defense of Abigail Williams Greetings to all in attendance and I hope that our Lord is with you. I am Judge Hathorne, nothing more than simply the very judge of the court of Salem. The man that you all have appointed to interpret the law and bring those who break it, to justice. So how could you argue when I say that Abigail Williams is innocent? I am an old grey man who doesn’t have time for these silly games. I have intuition for these things and I know that Abigail is innocent because she is a good Christian, an innocent child, and has never given a false testimony.
I shall first like to ask you all, how could a good Christian, could ever so much as to think to commit murder against the people of Salem? As
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Now think on your children. Think of how innocent and full of love they are. How can we see anything else in this Child here? Children are God’s gift and their innocence is something that needs to be protected. Now some of you may argue that Mary Warren was only a child, but you forget that she had been working with the Devil, the Devil has touched her. Now, Reverend Hale assures me that he saw no mark of the Devil on Abigail Williams, however regarding his currently twisted mindset, I cannot answer for. Now another point regarding her innocence I wish to argue against, is the belief that Elizabeth helped John Proctor commit adultery. Now besides the fact that she is a good, innocent, Christian child, we have proof that this is a lie, manifested by the Devil himself. The proof is Elizabeth Proctors testimony in the presence of John Proctor and Abigail Williams. John Proctor assured me that Elizabeth never lies and when asked whether John had committed the sin of adultery, she responded with a simple “No sir” (Miller 113). And this makes sense because, John Proctor as we know was doing work with the Devil and wanted to overthrow this court! What better a way to do so, then to charge Abigail Williams with helping him in lechery. Now, some may ask why Abigail became enthralled when she was asked if this was true? To find the answer, look in your hearts. Imagine your own children, and imagine how they would feel if a grown adult,

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