Essay on Aberdeen Airport Case Study on Kotler's 5 Levels Model

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What is a product? It is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need Kotler (2003).
But, if that’s all, then why does a customer prefer product A over product B, satisfying the same need. It might be because product A provides better features than product B. However, what if, product B matched its features to that of product A. It might be because product A provides longer guarantee than product B. However, what if, product B matched its guarantee to that of product A.
In order to understand this hierarchical process, this case study aims to evaluate the Aberdeen airport product in context of the Kotler’s 5 product levels model.

A product’s market offering
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This is the reason why augmentations today become expectations tomorrow.
It is also important to note that each augmentation comes at a particular cost that needs to be justified by the increased market share. This explains the rationale behind the fact that the Aberdeen airport has only a single runway and a few direct flights to destinations within Europe (British Airports Authority 2010).
2.5 Potential Product
At the fifth level of the customer-value hierarchy stands the potential product, which encompasses all the possible augmentations and transformations the product might undergo in the future (Kotler 2003).
Considering the unique relationship that the airport enjoys with its main customers, airlines and passengers, who are essentially interdependent on each other rather than the airport for business, it is very difficult for an airport to attract either of them without the presence of the other. However, potentially what an airport can do is to constantly endeavor to enhance the customer experience

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