Abercrombie & Fitch Essay example

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Abercrombie & Fitch
Sadarya McArthur
Strayer University

I. Identify and describe the greatest environmental threats that have immediate implications for
A. Lack of Variety

A&F was known for its lack of variety. They were known for hiring males and females with a

certain kind of style. You had to look a certain way to be an employee and most of all you had to

be attractive. Females had to wear makeup to enhance their features and males had to be clean

shaven with no mustache or any facial hairs. They were sent to only white fraternities and

sororities to recruit them for work. They only displayed posters of attractive white models. This

was a threat to the companies reputation.

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They agreed to use more minority models in its advertising. They promised

that within two years its sales force would be 9 percent African Americans, 9 percent Latinos.

They were told to recruit from black colleges. They were setting out to change the image of

A&F from being known as hiring mostly whites, to being a multi cultural company.

B. Technology

A&F’s COO Seth Johnson was credited with installing computer systems between 2000 and

2004. This helped make the distribution system run more efficiently. Music was installed and

played in stores. A&F web site was created. This was a great way customers could shop without

having to go into the store.

C. International Expansions

Managers at the retailer considered Abercrombie & Fitch to be a maturing brand with opport-

unities for expansion in prime locations overseas. They might seek locations in Canada as well

other foreign countries in the near future. If sales continue to grow and stores continue to open

in the United States they are looking forward to expanding in other countries.

III. Identify and describe A&F’s greatest organizational strengths.

A. Quality of Products
A&F launched a new men’s line of high quality apparel made from cashmere, velvet, and

leather. It was possible to buy an antique miniature cannon for $300, a custom built-made rifle

for $6000, or

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