Essay on Abe As An Alternative Fuel

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As mentioned above, the research about ABE as an alternative fuel is still in the early phase. Most research deals with the combustion and emissions performance of ABE-diesel blends in diesel engines, while the study about SI engine fuelled by ABE-gasoline blends is still not sufficient. Nithyanandan et al. (2014) [223] undertook preliminary investigations of the per-formance and emissions of a port-fuel injected SI engine fuelled with ABE and gasoline with volumetric ratios of 0%, 20%, and 40% to create various fuel blends. Moreover, pure gasoline was also used as a baseline for comparison of ABE fuels. In-cylinder pressure data revealed that the peak pressure of ABE20 was higher comparing to gasoline and ABE40 showed a lower peak pressure. The ABE20 featured a shorter ignition delay and an advanced 50% MFB location, which could be attributed to ABE 's higher laminar flame speed. However, ABE40 presented lower combustion quality because of a combination of high latent heat of vaporization of ABE and improper combustion phasing. BSFC increased gradually with in-creasing ABE fraction, due to the lower energy content of the blends and thus more fuel was required to match the power output of gasoline. Emission data presented that CO increased and UHC increased for ABE20, showing slightly enhanced air/fuel mixing and more fuel be-ing partly oxidized. ABE40 showed decreased CO and increased UHC emissions due to a deterioration in combustion quality with some of the fuel not even…

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