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Recently more research has focused on the relationship between color and psychological functioning.

_____ (Q) Two further experiments establish the link between red and avoidance motivation as indicated by behavioral (i.e., task choice) and psychophysiological (i.e., cortical activation) measures. _____ (R) Four experiments, in fact, demonstrate that the brief perception of red prior to an important test (e.g., an IQ test) impairs performance, and this effect appears to take place outside of participants' conscious awareness.

_____ (S) Red impairs performance on achievement tasks, because red is associated with the danger of failure in achievement contexts and evokes avoidance motivation.

_____ (T) All of these findings
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In one of the standard methods of primitive potters, rings or coils of clay are built up from a circular base.

_____ (Q) It is not known when or where the potter's wheel was introduced.

_____ (R) When a pot is built up from the base by hand, it is impossible that it will be perfectly round.

_____ (S) The walls of the pot are then smoothed and thinned (by simultaneous pressure on the inner and outer surfaces) before being fired in a bread oven or in the most elementary of kilns - a hole in the ground, above which a bonfire is lit.

_____ (T) The solution to this problem is the potter's wheel, which has been a crucial factor in the history of ceramics.

_____ (U) Indeed it is likely that it developed very gradually, from a platform on which the potter turns the pot before shaping another side (thus avoiding having to walk around it).
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In 1381, some 35 years after the Black Death had swept through Europe decimating over one third of the population, there was a shortage of people left to work the land.
_____ (Q) In addition to this, extra revenue was required to support a long and drawn out war with the French, and so a poll tax was introduced.
_____ (R) Recognizing the power of ‘supply and demand’, the remaining peasants began to re-evaluate their worth and subsequently demanded higher wages and

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